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Feminine Wellness

Many women complain about bacteria vaginosis: an imbalance of the natural flora which causes an unwanted fish-like, smelly odor, recurring yeast infections or candida, urinary tract infections or UTI.  These vaginal issues have  disrupted a woman's feminine health at some point in their lives. As a result, unfortunately this also affects sexual performance and disrupts  daily activities.  The constant worry about  unpleasant odor, itching, pain and associated discomfort can be very tasking.



There are so many variables that can throw the feminine pH off. For example, you can keep your vagina's pH balanced by proper diet and proper cleaning. Our feminine wellness teas are designed to help prevent vaginal infections such as recurring bacterial vaginosis, irritating yeast infections, pestering urinary tract infections and aid in overall feminine health by giving your body the nutrients it needs; ultimately keeping the vagina's pH balanced and pHresh. 



Our feminine wellness teas are scientifically formulated to help your YONI smell and taste fruity pHresh. Our motto is "two tea cups a day keeps the YONI odors away".  Maintaining a healthy flora is the first step to a healthy Yoni and a brand new confident YOU!  Say bye bye to odors and fishy smells. Say hello to a new fruity Yoni!  Our teas will help your YONI be at it's all time best!



This product is recommended for all women who desire a healthy balanced vagina. Ideal for women menstruation age or older. This includes women who are sexually active, postpartum, in menopause, post menopause, post hysterectomy or other gynecological surgeries. This product is safe for women that may take hormone therapy. Also this product has been specially formulated for women who are active in the gym or sports. Our feminine wellness teas should be consumed upon rising with breakfast and in the afternoon or evening at least 3 hours prior to bedtime.    


 Our feminine wellness teas are safe, scientifically formulated and custom blended with all-natural ingredients and chemical free!

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